This time it will be different.

Last year I was absolutely rubbish.

I published so little during that twelve months that I’m disgusted with myself. I can’t even give a good reason as to why it happened. I released only one book myself – the third book of the displaced, and a co-authored two other books with Michael Stephen Fuchs. Now, I’m not saying that I’m unhappy with what I did manage to write. I’m pleased with the third DotD book, and VERY pleased with the Arisen series so far, I’m just incredibly disappointed with myself for not finishing more.

I started and did not finish seven other books in 2012. They are all still sitting there waiting for me to go back to them, along with about two hundred others that I’ve accumulated over the years and also left unfinished, so I haven’t really lost a lot of time, but I made a decision at the beginning of last year that I would put out more books than ever, and didn’t achieve that. That needs to change this year.

Ironically enough, the amount of sales success I’ve had from what I did finish has been phenomenal. The Diary series continues to sell well, and Arisen book sales are way off the clock, having hit the best-seller lists and stayed there, and are STILL there.

So this year I’m going to get my head into gear.
This year we will see Arisen 3 (I’m just about to get rolling on that and Michael is already a leap ahead of me), and also at least book four of the Diary series, hopefully five and six as well. This depends on whether other books demand to be written first.

I also have a new novel to write, which may or may not be published by a traditional publisher. No more details here yet, but you’ll get to read it regardless.

I’m not going to be daft and put some prohibitive and over optimistic word count per day over my head, but I’m determined to get back to being prolific, as I was in 2011. No, I don’t think I can hit the same level I did that year, but damn it, I can try.

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