I don’t know if anyone is doing anything in other countries, but over here in the UK there is a thing that started happening every Thursday evening.

Every goes outside their houses and starts clapping for NHS.

We go for a walk about the time that happens and as we head through one of the local parks you can hear the clapping start and the noise intensify as it echoes. The park has a river running through the middle and it’s in the bottom of a kinda valley in the slopes around where I live and the sound really reverberates there.

Well it started as clapping, but as the weeks progressed people must have started to get more competitive about their noise levels. there’s a kid across the street from where I live whose parents set up a speaker system so that he could do karaoke versions of queens songs, people are now banging bins and hooting car horns. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard pans being banged and drums being played.

Makes me wonder just how far this is going.