And so on..

I stopped blogging. not that I ever really took it up properly. I’ll try to remedy that with more regular posts.

So I’m at home like pretty much everyone during this the crazy year. oddly, it hasn’t been as productive a time as you would think, stuck here every day. It’s been quite oppressive. I wouldn’t expect you to be surprised by that. actually. Anyway, on from the morbid stuff. We have to try to be more positive and cheerful, this won’t last forever. Onto the books…

Finally! I’ve finished last book in the Diary of the Displaced series! Yay! You’ve only been waiting for nearly a decade for this series to finish. Anyway, I sent it off earlier this week to my wonderful editor who will make it not broken. I’m looking forward to getting that back and publishing it.

I’ll be launching it as a single book on it’s own AND at the same time launching the full compilation of all the books, so new readers can grab it while long-time readers don’t have to go through the whole of it again. Your choice of course.

It’s not really novel length, not quite – at 26k words it’s shorter than the other books, but I have to say I had to do it how it is done otherwise you would have just ended up with a bloated, over-written thing and that’s not the style of the Displaced at all.

So whats next? I’m finishing Thrown Away Series 2, with a few more parts to that to go. Then i will put that aside for a while. not saying I won’t go back to it some day, but i’ll make sure Series two has a good ending.


Well, I don’t know how many of you read it, but back in 2018 I launched what I intended to be a new series which was dark/epic fantasy called Fable of the Whispering Coast. I since unpublished the first book, because I knew I didn’t have the time to keep up with what i needed to do to get that going properly. I would need to finish 4+ books per year to really get the series going, and I intended it to be a long series with multiple story arcs etc – My original goal was to write the largest epic series I could manage, yea, Game of Thrones and Wheel of Time kind of epic size.

Well I’m going back to that. I will be re-launching the series at some point, when i’m ready to do so.

There, that’s about where things are at the moment.