Some interesting posts from two writer’s blogs that I follow

Think like a publisher by Dean Wesley Smith

Dean has been doing a lot of posts giving guidance to not just Indie authors, but authors in general.
If you are published, or thinking of publishing, check out his blog. He has┬ácertainly┬áopened my eyes about just how many venue there are for ebooks. Dean, I’ll hit the donate button on my next visit!.

What Works: Promo for ebooks by J A Konrath

His most recent post is certainly apt for me, having recently published my second book only 2 weeks after the first. I’m sort of in limbo with sales and a bit clueless about how to reach people who might like my writing. So I tried giving stuff away on, and it certainly gained the attention of a small but very keen bunch of readers out of the thousands that read the first book, but of course most feedbooks readers are aldiko readers (like me!), who won’t┬ánecessarily┬ávisit smashwords or amazon.

Time to start hunting down another way to reach people!

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