Nearly there…

Well, I’m about half-way through editing The Memoirs of Reginald Weldon, and my eyes have gone all blurry, and my head is aching. I guess it’s probably time to stop for a bit. I also think I caught the sun today at a family do .

Not that I’m complaining really. We don’t get a whole lot of it here, so it makes a nice change.

I must admit, after the amount of people who said they enjoyed the Journal of James Halldon, I’m quite nervous about putting out a second book. It’s quite different, even though it’s set in the same, um, setting.

When I had had enough of editing yesterday, I had a look through the book that I’m thinking of finishing next. At the moment it’s called Crossing (not sure if that will be the final title, but I like it at the moment). Well, that book is also a little different. Out of first person and into third! With a group of people finding themselves in a dangerous situation, rather than one.

I think I’ll get that one done, at least, before looking back at the next James Halldon journal, though I’m also quite keen on another unfinished book. Twelve of them in all, from quarter written to half written. I’ve promised myself I will finish all of them. I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of memory space in my head for what I still haven’t started! Edit one more page maybe. At least I’m going for a beer later.


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