It comes in tubes – “Wool” fan fiction.

If you have not read Wool 3 or onwards DO NOT READ THIS STORY

Aha! There you are!

How wonderful, how wonderful! I was hoping that you would come and visit me, my friend.

Come, sit down. Rest your weary tentacles. I wasn’t expecting you to come, but I am delighted that you have. It must have been quite an arduous journey.

Come! Over here! This hillock is particularly comfortable, I think you will find. Oh, don’t worry about the mess – no one is going to mind, now, are they? I had a similar ailment myself many, many centuries ago and it soon goes away. Though, I must admit it can be quite uncomfortable until you pass it.

And look at you! Despite the…erm…dribbling, you are looking positively marvellous! Have you lost weight?

Isn’t the atmosphere here simply delectable? I have not found anywhere quite like it – Caustic and quite invigorating. I’m yet to fathom quite what makes it so, but you will find that the longer you stay here, the more deep breaths you take, the more benefit you will feel. I stumbled upon this place quite literally when I was looking through yonder ruined city. It was quite a squeeze to make my way through the streets there. I know, I have grown much since we were able to rise from our ocean beds.  I really should watch my weight more carefully.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was squeezing between those two particularly tall tower buildings over there and, oh it was tight, most uncomfortable, and then pop! Would you believe it? I actually fell forward and rolled over here.

And there they were, these tiny mounds, just waiting to be discovered.

Indeed, my friend, they do not look particularly impressive, but it’s not until you discover what scrummy goodness is contained within that the real joy is to be found.

Look, over there. As you can see, I have partaken of nearly thirty of these containers already and in just a few turns of the sun. Each one, would you believe contains a completely different culinary treat. The third one, over there, contained bugs of a particularly spicy tang, quite a surprise I can tell you. I had hoped to find another similar one that I could save for you to sample, but each one has been completely different.

What is that? Oh yes, that one – the eighteenth container or Silo 18 as it is named – very disappointing, that one. I think it must be my age, or maybe I am just clumsy, but I just can’t seem to get a grasp upon the lid tight enough to twist the top off. Most of the others have been very easy to open, but that one just simply refuses to budge. And even more frustrating is that on an occasion the damn thing spits a small spark of fire, usually after one of the tiny bugs comes out. I can only imagine the taste that one would produced, but I am unable to open it.

The one next to it? The seventeenth – for did you know they were even conveniently numbered? Yes indeed! If you look very carefully, you can see the label on the top. Most convenient, is it not? Even if it is in a simplistic numbering system. How else, I ask, would we know in which order it was intended for us to try them? And also the creator has placed their name Silo upon each. I’m not sure if that is the name of the creator or of the entire project. A very strange name if you ask me.

Now, the seventeenth! That one showed a quite interesting phenomena, that has only occurred with two of the containers, thus far. Let me check my list…of course I have kept a list! You know how I delight to record things. This list will be invaluable if ever wish to reminisce my experiences at such a banquet. Ah, number eleven as well. Both of those containers showed a very interesting behaviour.

I was trying to prize the top free, when all of a sudden it opened all by itself, and the tiny bugs came spewing out. Hundreds of them, all bright white in colour and so frustratingly small that I couldn’t get a single one of them. And then, even more harrowing, they proceeded to try and rush back into their little home. But, alas, unfortunately, the poor things seem to have withered before they could get back inside. Such a shame and a waste.

The eleventh wasn’t quite so disappointing. Nearly all of the bugs managed to get back inside once they had ventured forth, and I was able to proceed as planned. And the metallic bouquet was magnificent! Even more enhanced, I believe, by the mere fact that they had been exposed to air outside.

I have been especially looking forward, with great anticipation, to sampling the delights of the later containers, for as we all know, each iteration of experimental crop should produce a more perfected produce. Imagine, my friend, just think, what the bugs in the last one will taste like.

Come, there is no time to lose, let us begin!