Dustfall Geography

So I’ve seen bunch of posts in various places talking about where the real locations are in the Dustfall series, and thought, “Hey, we did all that planning back when we started and I remember scanning google maps and using the travel feature to map out the different locations. Places like the Mall that the Elk stay in during the first book were actual places I spotted using google maps street view!

Most of it is set in the West Virginia and Virginia, starting at a place called Sutton (The Elk village) and finishing at Elizabeth city (Eliz). The location of the Wythe (Where the council tribes live) is…none other than Wytheville (not far from Roanoke)

The Elk village was based in Sutton, but the name for The Elk came from the Wildlife management Area nearby

The ill-fated journey that Gaston took was to go to Sequoyah Nuclear Plant (White Citadel)

Lastly, the Cygoa. They were living up near lake Eerie, which we made into a desolated and polluted placed.

Also, the city where the bunker is, and where the last battles take place at the end (book 5) was Galax, not far from Wytheville.

The battle of the causeways (book 4) was based in the area of Wilsonville and the Crosswinds campground. if you look on the map you can even see that there really are two causeways.