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Advance Reader Copies

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I’ve been getting a lot of queries about my ARC group and how to join it, so thought I’d better post something. What the Advance copy readers get is access to pretty much every book, for free, in return for (hopefully, maybe) posting honest reviews and also getting back to me and letting me know what they think. It isn’t about spell checking. It’s not free editing for me. I pay an amazing editor and proof reader to go through my books.

It’s all about feedback and reviews, reviews, reviews. To a full-time indie writer, reviews are absolutely gold.

But my ARC list is full.


At the moment it’s over one hundred people and that’s quite enough! I’m capping at at 100 for now.

BUT if you really want to join the list I can put your name down in reserve. I will occasionally be refreshing the list and removing folks that aren’t interested any more and I’ll add in anyone who has asked to be added.

Of course if you are already posting reviews and want to let me know then you can use the contact section of the site to get in touch!

New paperback copies!

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2015-07-01 14.40.02Even though I do most of my reading on my phone or my Kindle Fire I still love collecting paperbacks. Now, though, it’s my own paperbacks that seem to be filling my shelves. I always order a copy or two when I do a new book or change the cover of an older one.

This batch includes the new ThrownAway episode chapbooks and the latest Arisen books (7+8). And, of course, my re-designed Diary of the Displaced books and omnibus in their super-slick matt cover. For anyone using Createspace, always, always always choose matt covers!

Thrown Away 4 – Reconditioned Is available NOW!

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The post-apocalyptic saga continues…

In a turn of events that he never expected, Jack is on the run and deep into the junklands.
Thrust into a place that is alien to him, he follows the trail of the junkers and is forced to live day by day once more and hide at night.
Answers. That is what drives him. And the continued search for Ryan.



NOTE: this is a serial novel/saga and will be released in parts as they are written. For those of you who don’t like your fiction in episodes there will be Omnibus editions when there are enough episodes to warrant them.

Thrown Away 3 – Recycled Is available NOW!

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The post-apocalyptic saga continues…

After months in the Recycling Zone breathing in polluted air and finding no clues that might lead him to discover where Ryan went, by pure chance Jack’s fate is changed instantly when a facility guard comes looking for him with a re-assignment card.

And it’s the worst news.

Will this new job lead to his death or to new opportunity?



NOTE: this is a serial novel/saga and will be released in parts as they are written.
For those of you who don’t like your fiction in episodes there will be omnibus
editions when there are enough episodes to warrant them.

Thrown Away 2 – Into The Junklands – is out!

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digitalCover - ta2

Available NOW!


The post-apocalyptic saga continues…
Jack made the choice that few make and now he is left wondering
if he has thrown his life away or given himself a chance to make up for the past.
But as always, it isn’t just Jack that has been affected by his actions.


And if you haven’t read the original tale… 

Thrown Away (In a Fallen World)

digitalCover - ta1AMAZON.COM  –  AMAZON.CO.UK

No one knows how the world died.
They only know that it happened centuries ago.
Among the remnants of mankind – the people that live and  ie scavenging in the ruins – it is thought that the strangers who live behind the barrier, inside their protected city, may still hold that secret.But no one taken by the hunters from the city ever comes back.For Jack Avery, living among the ruins of the outer zone and scavenging to survive is not the worst of nightmares. Something haunts him far more than any hunter patrol. In one short moment, two years before, something happened that changed him. This story is about his journey through the apocalypse, but also through his own regrets and doubts.Are there second chances?

Can Jack find the answer to his torment among the shattered ruins of the past?

Arisen Book Eight “Empire of the Dead” is Out!

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Hope Never Dies.

With 140,000 copies sold, the ARISEN series returns – putting Alpha team, MARSOC, and One Troop Royal Marines face-to-face with their most lethal adversaries ever – in the most blistering and heart-stopping chapter yet of the epic saga.

Readers call the ARISEN series:

the most harrowing, sustained action sequences I think I’ve ever read” … “Such a wild ride of a story you have to hang on for your life” … “a hell-fire white-knuckled rampage” … “Holy fuuuuu!! Strap on your big boy or girl pants and get ready for a ride” … “so action packed they leave you breathless” … “need to get to the end before my husband divorces me” … “have been wildly engrossed for days” … “easily ranks in the top tier of all modern thriller fiction” … “eternally stamped in my memory” … “Comparable to the very best Tom Clancy novels mixed in with the very best Stephen King” … “will have you turning pages until 2 AM on a work night” … “They grab you on the first page and kick your ass through the entire series…

With Juice in heavy contact on the do-or-die shore mission, Ali in a blistering sniper duel over the south Atlantic, and Homer all alone and massively outnumbered deep beneath the keel of the JFK, the Alpha operators are in the fight of their lives – against tactically outstanding, pain-invulnerable, and utterly merciless Spetsnaz commandos – and with no guarantees about who will be left standing at the end…THE JFK CLINGS TO SURVIVAL
Perilously low on ammo, fuel, planes, pilots, and options, and seemingly outmaneuvered at every turn, the beleaguered John F. Kennedy engages in a lethal game of cat-and-mouse with the gigantic and weapons-bristling Russian battlecruiser – with not just their lives on the line, but the lives of everyone on the planet…ONE TROOP FIGHTS FURIOUSLY TO HOLD THE CENTER
As London comes under unrelenting siege, Jameson and the Royal Marines face down a lightning-fast and terrifyingly uncontrolled outbreak in CentCom’s Strategic Command Center – the beating heart of humanity’s last defenses against the dead – and with no one but them standing in the way of total collapse and utter devastation…

Hope Never Dies.

Available NOW from: |

Arisen Book Seven “Death of Empires” is Out!

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With over 130,000 copies sold, the world’s most thrilling and best-loved military zombie-apocalypse series returns, powering toward its epic and cataclysmic conclusion.

Readers call the ARISEN series:   “As well written and conceived as any book I have ever read” … “Wall to wall adrenaline – edge of your seat unputdownable until the very last page” … “utterly compelling” … “Blows World War Z out of the water” … “THE BOSS of the zombie apocalypse genre” … “The pace and action are breathtaking” … “the most amazing and intense battle scenes you’ve ever experienced” … “Holy crap!! Nail-biting, pucker-factor 11, non-stop, badass, blow-by-blow action from the get-go to the very end” … “Just WOW. Five Stars just doesn’t cover this one. WOW” … “rolls along like an out of control freight train” … “well written, sophisticated, witty, compelling, exciting, well-researched, and supremely enjoyable” … “I cannot believe how great this series is” … “a knock down drag out kick ass read – the best ZA book series around, period” … “six stars nothing less – I thought this series could not get any better, how wrong I was” … “insane propulsive storytelling”

Hope Never Dies.

Available NOW from: |

Another writer in the family

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erinbookLooks like I’m not the only writer in my little clan. My daughter, who started showing a huge reading and writing interest from quite an early age (She reads far more than I do) has managed to write her own book. It’s a short story anthology grouping some of the little gems that she has written over the last year or so.
Hey, maybe I’m not destined to be a famous writer, but the FATHER of one?
How cool would that be?

And no this isn’t available publicly. Signed personal copies only to friends, family and teachers at her school. She’s only nine and she is no way ready for the harshness that is indie publishing.

Arisen Book Six “The Horizon” is Out!

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Mission complete, Alpha team enjoys their first chance to breathe and tend to their humanity. But the darkness leaves them alone with their demons – and those who have found love may yet learn that it is fatally incompatible with their duty…

The JFK steams for Africa, despite rumors of lone Zulus still wandering below decks. But when Dr. Park and Sarah Cameron are trapped in an isolated compartment, they learn that one Zulu can kill you just as dead as ten million – while up on the flight deck, a lone assassin inflicts horrific damage on the hopes for a cure…

Amarie and the Tunnelers find themselves resettled in a chillingly post-Apocalyptic London, where mini-outbreaks are hushed up, and the displaced will cut your throat just to take your shoes – all as history’s largest fixed fortification goes up along the M25 ring-road around the Capital…

Lieutenant Jameson and his battered Royal Marines launch by air to retrieve a rare biomedical device, which is indispensable to developing a vaccine – but which lies buried at the center of a perilously rotting structure in a city of millions (all dead). When the walls come down, and the horde descends, Jameson may be the last man standing – and his only chance of survival lies with a lone Apache pilot who refuses to obey her orders to abandon him…

Hope survives – but the story of humanity is not yet written.

Available on Amazon now. (Also free to borrow for Prime members) – –

New Year. Strange day. Late news.

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And so this has been the strangest day of my life so far.
The kiddies are out with grandparents, and I just sat all day in front of my computer, tapping out new words added to the new “Thrownaway” (Tentative title) serial novel, and it’s coming along very nicely.
My first official day, at home, as a full time writer.
Cripes. This is weird as hell. Fun. But very, very strange.

Anyway. I suppose a new years update is due, like, five days ago. So I’ll do that now.

“Arisen” readers – don’t fret! We’ve taken a short while (until March I think) off from the series to work on other stuff, just as a short break, but realistically to put together our ideas and brainstorm for what is effectively the second half of the series. We know where it’s going, sort of, and we know what’s next, sort of, and you’ll get the next book in a few months.

“Displaced” readers – You’ve waited ages! Well, the good news is I’m basically half way through the next book, and halfway through another “next” book. The bad news is I’m not sure which is really “next”. As soon as I sort that out I’ll finish and publish the next in the series. Again, like Arisen, just a few months away.

My new project – Tentatively called “Thrown Away” is set a few hundred years after major disasters (of a currently unspecified kind) destroyed the world as we know it, except that it was the world a hundred years from now. Ruined cities cover the planet and are magnitudes bigger than the cities we know today. And it starts with one man, a loner by nature, meeting a little boy desperately in need of help.
It was inspired one day, not too long ago, by me standing in front of my son, telling him off for drawing on something he wasn’t meant to draw on, and then realising that it was in fact me that was the bad one, making a big fuss over something really not that important. An hour later (me and son now happily sitting next to each other playing plants vs zombies and the telling off incident forgotten) and the same image re-appeared in my head, fully fleshed out, but in a totally different setting, and one that really brought home to me how futile the whole thing is, or was, and how it is so easy to forget what’s important, and that we should think before it’s too late. I had to write it. So I have been.

Other news!
I’ve signed with Podium Publishing to do audio versions of Arisen, which is wicked. I’m dead excited about this.
Also we’re currently in discussions with a paperback publisher about a possible deal there. No further news on that until something is solid!
I’ve also got a Dark Fantasy collaboration project planned with a very cool writer, for later in the year.
And lastly, yet another secret, secret project that is so secret I’m not even meant to tell you it’s secret.
More soon.