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Dustfall, Book Two – The Parting of Ways – Available now!

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Dustfall, Book Two – The Parting of Ways – Available now!


“With every light comes a shadow.” – Dustfall

The saga continues…

When Gaston splits the tribe and convinces Seren to join him, Jonah must lead the remaining Elk despite the constant threats on the road to Eliz. But all is not what it seems in the land of the winter ruins. Invaders from the north have secretly traveled south as well, forcing Jonah to risk everything to save his clan and his family.

From bestselling authors J. Thorn and Glynn James comes Dustfall, a new post-apocalyptic series chronicling one man’s challenge and his epic quest to save what remains of humanity.

Dustfall, Book One – Shadows of a Lost Age

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Available now! –

Co-written with J.Thorn. Dustfall is a new post-apocalyptic series chronicling one man’s challenge and his epic quest to save what remains of humanity.

“With every light comes a shadow.” – Dustfall 

In a ravaged tribe on the edge of humanity, the suspicious death of a chief thrusts a man into a dark realm for which he is unprepared. When Jonah inherits leadership of the Elk Clan from his father, many in the old man’s inner circle question his son’s ability to lead the tribe to their winter shelter at the ruins of Eliz.
A dark stranger, a journey over hundreds of miles of dangerous highway and clashes with feral gangs will push Jonah to the edge.

Diary of the Displaced – Book 4 – “Footprints” is out!

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It’s been a long time since I visited this series, and I’m grateful to those of you who have been very patient. Finally it’s here!


Connor Halldon believed what he had been told as a child.
His mother had died in combat on a distant world.
Until he finds an old message that had been left for him on the same day that she had fallen in combat.
Now he doesn’t know what to believe.
Has his whole life since that day been based on lies?
Was his mother even dead?

Now, the Resistance soldiers are hunting him down, and he doesn’t even know why.
All he can do is follow the trail left for him.
All he can do is follow his mother’s footprints, and Connor thinks he knows where they will lead…

AVAILABLE NOW  $2.99 /  £1.99

Other stuff to read

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Here is a quick list of other books that may interest you. Some are zombie apocalypse, some are survival apocalypse, others are just different. A few of these are very popular and I’d be surprised if you haven’t read them anyway! If you are interested in some of the books, you can order them online and receive them fast thanks to the best shipping labels ProOffice.

There is also a “best zombie books” list on goodreads –

(BTW the Arisen books are in that list if you feel inclined to vote on them.)

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson
Max Brooks – World War Z
Stephen King – The Stand
Robert R McCammon – Swan Song
Hugh Howie – Wool (Post Apocalypse Survival)
Hugh Howie – I, Zombie (told from the point of view of the zombies – be warned it’s pretty icky in places)
Carrie Ryan – Forest of Hands and Teeth (Zombie apocalypse but also YA romance, so be warned)
Justin Chronin – The Passage (Non-zombie apocalypse – but damn good)
Brian Keene – The Rising/City of the Dead/Dead Sea/Ghoul
David Moody – Autumn Series / Hater Series
Rats/Lair/Domain – James Herbert (No zombies, just lots and lots of rats. Lots of them)

I haven’t read these, but they are popular –

Joe Nobody – Holding their Own (Post Apocalypse Survival Series)
J W Vohs – Zombie Crusade Series
John O Brien – A New World Series
J L Bourne – Day by Day Armageddon
James Cook – Surviving the Dead series
David McAfee – Bachiyr (Vampire series)
Stephen Knight – The Rising Dead
Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead – Rise of the Governor
D J Molles – The Remaining Series
Mira Grant – Newsflesh Series
Z A Recht – Morningstar Series

Diary of the Displaced book 4

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I’m into my last editing/rewriting of the fourth book of the Displaced. After nearly three years away from this series I’ve managed to get back on it and write the next book.  That’s so much longer than I intended, and far too long for me to be happy about it, but it will be finished and off to my editor soon and then out into the world it will go.

And then I’ll get onto book 5…

Of course I’m nervous about it. I think expectations are far higher than I can achieve, but I do like where I’ve taken it – finally. I’ve actually written the book three times, now, and not liked where it started. The other versions seemed to pick the story up much too soon, but oddly, with how it’s turning out, I’d written half of books 5 and 6.

I’m also preparing up for Nanowrimo, so something cool is going to happen there. I hope!

I’m not sure why I bother saying I’m doing Nanowrimo, though. Every month is a Nanowrimo month for me! I guess it’s because I’ve done it so many years in a row.

Thrown Away 5 “What Lies Below” is out!

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Thanks to everyone for being patient waiting for this!


ta5The Thrown Away post-apocalyptic saga continues…
Jack is surprised when his imprisonment at the hands of the Junkers is cut short. Instead of keeping him locked up, as he expected them to do for a long time, they offer him a job.

The job means hunting down something that they haven’t been able to find and they believe he, with his talent for locating things, is what they need.

But the item they want him to recover is tech from the old world. What do the junkers need it for? What are the motivations of their strange leader? Is it dangerous? Maybe some things are best left hidden?

And if you haven’t read the story so far you can start here…

Thrown Away (In a Fallen World)

No one knows how the world died.
They only know that it happened centuries ago.
Among the remnants of mankind – the people that live and die scavenging in the ruins – it is thought that the strangers who live behind the barrier, inside their protected city, may still hold that secret.

But no one taken by the hunters from the city ever comes back.

For Jack Avery, living among the ruins of the outer zone and scavenging to survive is not the worst of nightmares. Something haunts him far more than any hunter patrol. In one short moment, two years before, something happened that changed him. This story is about his journey through the apocalypse, but also through his own regrets and doubts.

Are there second chances?

Can Jack find the answer to his torment
among the shattered ruins of the past?

Advance Reader Copies

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I’ve been getting a lot of queries about my ARC group and how to join it, so thought I’d better post something. What the Advance copy readers get is access to pretty much every book, for free, in return for (hopefully, maybe) posting honest reviews and also getting back to me and letting me know what they think. It isn’t about spell checking. It’s not free editing for me. I pay an amazing editor and proof reader to go through my books.

It’s all about feedback and reviews, reviews, reviews. To a full-time indie writer, reviews are absolutely gold.

But my ARC list is full.


At the moment it’s over one hundred people and that’s quite enough! I’m capping at at 100 for now.

BUT if you really want to join the list I can put your name down in reserve. I will occasionally be refreshing the list and removing folks that aren’t interested any more and I’ll add in anyone who has asked to be added.

Of course if you are already posting reviews and want to let me know then you can use the contact section of the site to get in touch!

New paperback copies!

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2015-07-01 14.40.02Even though I do most of my reading on my phone or my Kindle Fire I still love collecting paperbacks. Now, though, it’s my own paperbacks that seem to be filling my shelves. I always order a copy or two when I do a new book or change the cover of an older one.

This batch includes the new ThrownAway episode chapbooks and the latest Arisen books (7+8). And, of course, my re-designed Diary of the Displaced books and omnibus in their super-slick matt cover. For anyone using Createspace, always, always always choose matt covers!

Thrown Away 4 – Reconditioned Is available NOW!

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The post-apocalyptic saga continues…

In a turn of events that he never expected, Jack is on the run and deep into the junklands.
Thrust into a place that is alien to him, he follows the trail of the junkers and is forced to live day by day once more and hide at night.
Answers. That is what drives him. And the continued search for Ryan.



NOTE: this is a serial novel/saga and will be released in parts as they are written. For those of you who don’t like your fiction in episodes there will be Omnibus editions when there are enough episodes to warrant them.