Arisen Book One “Fortress Britain” is Out!

A world fallen – under a plague of seven billion walking dead
A tiny island nation – the last refuge of the living
One team – of the world’s most elite special operators
The dead, these heroes, humanity’s last hope, all have…


When the Zombie Apocalypse came, one country had shut down its borders in response to a major terrorist attack. Now Fortress Britain is the last bastion of the living – with 50 million beleaguered survivors facing down a world of 7 billion animated corpses.

And when civilization fell, one international team of supremely elite special operators was being assembled at the SAS barracks at Hereford. Supremely trained and armed, always the most skilled, resolved, and unstoppable amongst us, now the commandos of Alpha team are humanity’s last best hope for survival. Searching through the detritus of fallen Europe, scavenging pharmaceutical labs for clues to a vaccine that might bring humanity back from the brink, now they are tasked with one last desperate operation.

Meanwhile, the Channel Tunnel to France, long ago sealed by demolition, has been breached by a new super-fast mutation of the zombie virus. And one corporal in the UK Security Services, thrown together with a lone Captain in the Royal Corps of Engineers, are all that stand between the settler families of Folkestone and certain undeath. At the same time, an entire tooled-up SEAL team disappears into the dark labyrinth on the other side of the Channel. And as the world’s last floating carrier strike group steams into Portsmouth to transport Alpha team to their most lethal mission yet, time is running out for Fortress Britain…

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