Where The Lost Go (Alterlight 1) released!


The first book in a new supernatural mystery series by the author of Thrown Away, Diary of the Displaced, Arisen, and Dustfall.

Jake Adler was only supposed to be in hospital for a few days to have his appendix removed, then he was should have been home, recovering, and ready to go back to work at the burger restaurant in a couple of weeks.
It should have been that simple, but things didn’t turn out that way.
What Jake thought were nightmares have turned out to be real, and the ghostly man talking to him in his dreams hasn’t gone away.
To make it worse, a child has gone missing from the hospital. The police have found no trace of where she disappeared to, and the ghost seems to think that Jake is the only person that can save her.
The first problem is that to save her he must cross over into a nightmare realm.
The second problem is the horrific monsters in that place are real, they are hungry, and he is on the menu.