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April 2017

Thrown Away 6 is OUT!

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It’s been a long time coming, but I also got back to writing the final parts of Thrown Away!
Part 6 is available now –
Part 7 will be coming very soon! It was going to be 8 parts, but I decided to wrap it all in to one final part rather than two more.  The last one will just be longer.

Thrown Away 6 (What Lies Ahead)

The Thrown Away post-apocalyptic saga continues…

After Jack helped the Junkers find the ancient tech they needed so urgently, he thought that he was done with them.
But the tech was only the beginning.
Now they’re asking for his help again.
Except this task is far more dangerous than just searching ruins.
This time, he is asked to go back to the very place he had only just escaped, and deep into the heart of The Facility, on a mission that could mean death for him if it doesn’t go well, but freedom for thousands – including Ryan – if it succeeds.

Dustfall 3 is OUT!

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I’m very happy to announce that Dustfall 3 – The Baying of Wolves – is now live!

“With every light comes a shadow.” – Dustfall

Book three of the Dustfall series. The saga continues…

A new and unexpected environmental threat has emerged, unleashing hordes of the primitive tunnel dwellers known as the Valk. Jonah must find a way to keep the Elk safe from new enemies while trying to outrun the Cygoa in a land of dwindling resources and constant death.

From bestselling authors J. Thorn and Glynn James comes Dustfall, a new post-apocalyptic series chronicling one man’s challenge and his epic quest to save what remains of humanity.

Dustfall 1 – Audiobook Launch

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Dustfall 1 is now available as an audiobook (on audible) from Podium Publishing.
Audible USA Audible UK

“With every light comes a shadow.” – Dustfall

In a ravaged tribe on the edge of humanity, the suspicious death of a chief thrusts a man into a dark realm for which he is unprepared. When Jonah inherits leadership of the Elk Clan from his father, many in the old man’s inner circle question his son’s ability to lead the tribe to their winter shelter at the ruins of Eliz. A dark stranger, a journey over hundreds of miles of dangerous highway and clashes with feral gangs will push Jonah to the edge.