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July 2015

Advance Reader Copies

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I’ve been getting a lot of queries about my ARC group and how to join it, so thought I’d better post something. What the Advance copy readers get is access to pretty much every book, for free, in return for (hopefully, maybe) posting honest reviews and also getting back to me and letting me know what they think. It isn’t about spell checking. It’s not free editing for me. I pay an amazing editor and proof reader to go through my books.

It’s all about feedback and reviews, reviews, reviews. To a full-time indie writer, reviews are absolutely gold.

But my ARC list is full.


At the moment it’s over one hundred people and that’s quite enough! I’m capping at at 100 for now.

BUT if you really want to join the list I can put your name down in reserve. I will occasionally be refreshing the list and removing folks that aren’t interested any more and I’ll add in anyone who has asked to be added.

Of course if you are already posting reviews and want to let me know then you can use the contact section of the site to get in touch!

New paperback copies!

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2015-07-01 14.40.02Even though I do most of my reading on my phone or my Kindle Fire I still love collecting paperbacks. Now, though, it’s my own paperbacks that seem to be filling my shelves. I always order a copy or two when I do a new book or change the cover of an older one.

This batch includes the new ThrownAway episode chapbooks and the latest Arisen books (7+8). And, of course, my re-designed Diary of the Displaced books and omnibus in their super-slick matt cover. For anyone using Createspace, always, always always choose matt covers!