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The end is not the end.

Just a few answers for the people who have asked, and I’m surprised at how many of you there are now!

The Corridor IS the last the current Diary of the Displaced series, but I never said to anyone that we would never be hearing from James, DogThing and friends ever again. I’m far too invested in those characters to just leave it at that.

I already have some ideas for a second series, but that is all at the moment. I need more than just an idea to open a new word document and start typing.

Plus, I have a collaboration project in the new year, with a very good friend and one of my favourite authors – Michael Stephen Fuchs – I’m very excited and nervous about this, having never written with someone else before, and to working with someone so talented, and the book we are going to write is something quite out of both of our comfort zones. Basically take the zombie apocalypse and add in fast action, deadly and adrenaline rush special ops comabt. Yeah, Delta force and the SAS are gonna take on the zombies! It was an idea/plot I had a while ago and I knew that the action scenes would require a little more than my writing skills when it comes to combat and certain elements of fast action thriller. So, I threw the question at Michael, who writes techno/modern warfare thrillers (they are awesome, did I mention that?), expecting a polite, “You’re a mate, but” answer. But I was surprised when he said, hell yeah, why not? This should be fun.

I never write one thing at once, that is why even a 50k novel that should be written in a month, often takes three. During that time a lot of other stuff gets written.

There are about ten unfinished novels, over a hundred unfinished short stories, and the Joe Dean series, all of which in my opinion deserve to be finished, added to, published etc.

On top of this, there is The Riverfall series, The Whispering Coast Series, and two more “maybe” series that I will be looking at launching in the new year/soon. They are “maybe” because they are out of my normal genre, so I’m still considering them.

All in all I have a whole heap of fun stuff that I want to write.

Somewhere in the middle of all that lot I will spring a new series of James & DogThing books upon you, I promise I will, but I don’t know when.

There is also a follow up tale to “At Last, Goodbye.” It’s part done.

There is also a story narrated by Bailey, Joe dean’s friend, that is also part done.

And lastly, I also have a story that is unfinished that has the maw as the only characters, yes, a story narrated by a maw. And it may or may not be set in a rather dark place at the same time that a certain man was trying to survive on fizzy coke and mushrooms, and it may or may not be narrated by a particularly young maw that a lot of you are fond of…coming soon.

Review of “Nowhere Hall” by Cate Gardner

I love stories that take us to the very edge of reality, and suggest that in hidden places there are some strange things going on. Things that your average happy and oblivious person would never know about.
It takes a certain type of person, in the right (or wrong) circumstances, to find themselves somewhere like the hotel of this story, and the main character’s desperate situation at the beginning of the tale (considering ending their life) has guided them into a world that they never knew existed.

Cate’s ability to describe the indescribable is exceptional here. She seems to have the ability to give you a vivid, yet mysterious and vague impression, both at the same time. There is no “obvious” to this story, and what appears around every corner is quite the unexpected.

This is not a light read. You really have to be into the story and paying attention, or you will be as lost as the protagonist. To me this is a good thing, and for those of you who are easily engrossed and pulled into a world inside a book, this will not disappoint.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and highly recommend it. It’s A fantastic short read, and definitely a good introduction to an author that I hadn’t heard of. I’ll be looking up her other fiction after this, and hoping that there is plenty of it.

The only negative side to this publication is nothing to do with the story – It’s a limited edition run with no ebook, so too few people will be able to read this at the moment. I hope Spectral release this to a wider audience soon, so that I can recommend the book!

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