This is the End 3 – another 8 book compilation

Another awesome compilation deal! 8 books by some fantastic authors, including the first in the Arisen series – for just 99 cents. Zombies, post-apoc, dystopian – it’s got everything. Click here to buy on Amazon –

A New Short Story – “Thrown Away” released.

It’s been a while since I released anything not co-written, so I finally got round to polishing this up and sending it to an editor. It’s short – at about 50 pages or so, hence the cheap price. I have been considering writing follow-ups to this at some point, in a serial format, but am […]

The Audiobook for Arisen “Genesis” is out!

If you didn’t already know, my good friend, and co-author and partner on the Arisen series – Michael Stephen Fuchs – wrote and published an awesome prequel for the series. Well, we signed a deal a short time ago with Podium Publishing, to product the audiobook versions of the series, and here it is – […]

Proof copies of the Arisen paperbacks!

So the proof copies arrived! There’s a few things I need to fix with them, but they look pretty sweet. Hopefully have these available soon!

New covers for some of the older books

So I figured that some of my older books could do with a slight facelift (And because I didn’t like the original covers)

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